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I'm Camila.

I’m a mashup of product and content design skilled at UX strategy, wireframing, rapid research, and UX writing. One of my favorite things about product design is optimizing user experiences globally through clear language. 

I was born and raised in Brazil and speak fluent Portuguese. I’m all about shaping digital products for bilingual and international audiences. Have a project in Brazil? Connect with me.


It's pronounced ka-MEE-la

How I got started 

I have 10+ years of experience with digital content, and in the last few years, I've been working in product design.

Over the years, my role has evolved from localization and content to product strategy. I bring content into the UX process and ensure content designers are included since the discovery phase.

In June 2020, I graduated with a Master of Communication in Digital Media from the University of Washington. My degree concentrated on user-centered design, user research, and content strategy.

What I've been working on 

At Meta, I plan and create content for new products that expand access to Meta VR/AR devices to help people meet their health and wellness goals. 

I'm the solo content designer hired to establish UX content processes with core sub-teams across Health Tech. 

What I'm curious about

I'm curious about digital equity and cross-cultural design and research. My goal is to continue working with diverse users worldwide, building digital products that create a natural interaction based on human-to-human conversation. 

Let's chat

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